Basin Angus Ranch

In the heart of Central Montana on US Highway 87 between the town of Hobson and the Eddies Corner truck stop, you will find Basin Angus Ranch. The coffee pot is always on and someone is always ready to show the cattle to visitors. The philosophy of the ranch has stayed the same over the years – raise good Angus cattle, raise good kids, make good friends and have a good time while we do it.

As a young couple in 1959 Wayne and Marian Stevenson began ranching with Wayne’s parents Jamie and Jeanette. Wayne and Marian worked hard to improve and expand the registered herd, including marketing and showing the cattle around the country. In 1972, Wayne and Marian purchased their own ranch near Kolin and with 125 head of registered Angus and 3 children, establishing Basin Angus Ranch.

This original location served as the ranch headquarters until 1984 when Wayne and Marian purchased more land and moved 3.5 miles E of Hobson on Hwy 87. By this time the cow herd totaled 450 and the grandchildren totaled 2.

In 1984 Basin Angus Ranch and Stevenson Angus formed Stevenson/Basin to market their bulls and semen together.

Wayne and Marian’s son Doug and his wife Sharon returned after completing college to begin ranching with Wayne and Marian in 1990. After Wayne’s death in 1994, Doug’s sister Valerie and her husband Clint Carr also returned to the ranch to continue the Stevenson legacy of Basin Angus Ranch. By 1994, Basin Angus Ranch had grown to approximately 1000 mother cows and 4 grandchildren.

In 2004 Stevenson/Basin constructed a sale barn and bull development center 2 miles East of Hobson. In 2008 the Stevenson families chose to end the Stevenson/Basin Marketing Program. Basin Angus purchased the state of the art sale barn, offices and bull development facility that now serves as the Basin Angus Ranch headquarters. In addition to the annual production sales, the event center at Basin Angus hosts a variety of community activities including FFA and 4-H events, crop and livestock seminars, dowser meetings, and non-profit fundraisers for the local hospital, museum and community library.

At present, the Basin Angus Ranch includes a cow herd of 1500 registered Angus cows at Hobson, 400 registered Angus cows in a fall calving Missouri unit as well as managing breeding programs for several affiliate herds. Along with the cow herd, the family has expanded to include six grandchildren (Kyle, Loni and Nate Carr and Brittany, Leisa and Nicole Stevenson) who remain a part of the operation.

In addition to the cattle, Basin Angus Ranch also has a substantial farming operation, producing most of our hay and haylage, peas and oats fed in our bull development facility, as well as raising wheat as a cash crop.

The Stevenson and Carr families have always been very fortunate to operate the ranch with a skillful and dedicated crew of employees. They truly ride for the brand each day. They and their families are truly great assets to our operation and our community.

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